Check out this Galaxy Z Flip 5 teardown to see what makes the foldable tick

What you need to know

  • In a teardown video, it was discovered that Samsung included blue battery pull tabs on both the Flip 5’s batteries.
  • Removal of a device’s batteries aids its end-of-life cycle as the phone could be recycled much easier since they aren’t permanently glued into its frame.
  • A clear view of the Flip 5’s hinge showed its changes alongside Samsung’s decision to pack gears into it.

After surviving the fabled durability gauntlet, Samsung’s latest clamshell has returned for a teardown.

Zach Nelson of JerryRigEverything is tearing apart the Galaxy Z Flip 5 to unearth its innards and to see if Samsung had its end-of-life cycle in mind. Nelson begins by removing the Flip’s bumpers before slowly peeling away the incredibly sticky built-in screen protector. The Flip 5’s true screen is still crafted from plastic, however, without the extra layer of protection, it scratches easily with just a fingernail.