Google Search’s SGE broadens its global reach and gains new upgrades

What you need to know

  • Google expands SGE to 120 additional countries, including Mexico, Brazil, South Korea, Indonesia, and Nigeria.
  • SGE is also adding support for four new languages: Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, and Indonesian.
  • The generative AI experience is making it easier to ask follow-up questions by displaying your prior questions and search results on the results page.
  • Google has also improved SGE’s translations to provide more context, especially for words with multiple meanings.

Google’s AI-powered Search experience, known as SGE, is expanding to over 120 additional countries and adding support for four more languages.

SGE is making its debut in a bunch of new places, including most of Latin America, Bangladesh, Bhutan, South Korea, Indonesia, Colombia, and Sub-Saharan Africa. This move comes a few months after it kicked off in the U.S. and later expanded to India and Japan.