Google’s AI model ‘GraphCast’ is surprisingly good at predicting the weather

What you need to know

  • A published study states Google’s AI model, “GraphCast,” can predict the weather faster and with more accuracy than the standard European model.
  • Google’s version is said to provide weather predictions in a matter of seconds whereas the European model can take over an hour.
  • Not everyone is impressed as some researchers suggest the early results do not cement the reliability of an AI-based model.

Knowing the weather is important, which is why Google is entering the space with a new AI-based model that is apparently turning heads.

According to a recently published study by Science, Google’s new AI model for predicting the weather is outperforming the world’s current standard known as the “European model” (via The Washington Post). Research showed that Google’s version was more accurate in predicting harsh weather events like hurricanes and the daily weather forecast.