Google’s Gemini ChatGPT competitor reportedly won’t be ready until ‘early 2024’

What you need to know

  • Google has reportedly delayed the launch of its Gemini AI system to Q1 2024 after teasing it could arrive this month.
  • The delay can be attributed to Google’s unfinished creation of Gemini’s “main” portion while also looking to pile in more for the consumer.
  • Another factor could’ve been Bard’s recent failure during a demo earlier this year as Google would like to integrate both systems.

In the race for artificial intelligence, Google is reportedly encountering problems as it looks to make up ground against its main competitor. According to a report by The Information, Google has apparently delayed the launch of its new “Gemini” AI until Q1 of 2024 (via Gizmodo). This comes as quite an unfortunate turn of events as, apparently, Google had already told a few of its cloud customers and business partners that the AI would launch this month.

The problem, as discovered by the publication, is that Google is still working out the primary version of its new conversational AI machine. Gemini is supposed to arrive with the ability to handle complex and not-so-complex tasks with ease. However, those working on the AI have only polished smaller variants of it, leaving the main primary model to bake a little longer.