HP Chromebook x360 13b review: An interesting and thought-provoking Chromebook

On one end of the spectrum, we have Chromebooks that offer the ability to play Steam games and one specific model that is fully modular. But many of the options that get our motors running aren’t the most ideal solutions for most people looking to find the best Chromebook. Thankfully, we’re seeing plenty of more traditional options out there, complete with convertible designs, long-lasting battery life, and solid overall performance. 

This is where the HP Chromebook x360 13b is attempting to wedge itself into the conversation. Instead of relying on Intel for its power, the x360 13b is the first Chromebook to be powered by MediaTek’s Kompanio 1200, which was introduced in October of 2022. But in a world where we’re getting Intel processors with onboard graphics, where does the HP Chromebook x360 13b land?

HP Chromebook x360 13b: Price and avialability

HP Chromebook x360 13b close-up on HP logo

(Image credit: Andrew Myrick / Android Central)

Ahead of the 2022 holiday season, HP managed to sneak in another lightweight and portable Chromebook option with the Chromebook x360 13b. What helps separate this from similarly-priced alternatives is the fact that it’s powered by MediaTek’s 1200 chipset, along with its 360-degree design. 

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