Moto G Power 5G review: With great power comes great value

I’ve always had a tumultuous relationship with Motorola. While the company primarily focuses on affordable/budget phones, I still often find myself disappointed with its U.S. offerings. Sure, these types of phones aren’t meant to be powerhouses, but they should at least be useable if anyone is going to pay any amount of money to buy one. This is why I always process with caution whenever I’m tasked to review a new Motorola phone, such as the latest Moto G Power 5G.

After reviewing the underwhelming Moto G Play (2023), I realized that part of my problem with some Motorola devices is the lack of 5G chips. It’s not so much the 5G that I’m looking for; it’s more so that these chips just seem to do a better job at, well… everything. I hoped this theory would prove true with the Moto G Power 5G since I had such good experiences with other 5G Motorola phones like the Moto G Stylus 5G (2022).