Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus vs. iPhone 14 Plus: Which Plus-sized phone is best?

The iPhone 14 Plus pretty notoriously fell short of Apple’s sales expectations, as most users appeared to be uninterested in a jumbo-sized iPhone 14 compared to the revamped iPhone 14 Pro. The Samsung Galaxy S23+ is another middle-tier phone that has to stand out against the petite S23 and upgraded S23 Ultra.

We’re not certain if the Galaxy S23+ will share a similar fate or if its upsides over a phone like the iPhone 14 Plus will make it a more appealing — and better — phone. Let’s explore how the Samsung Galaxy S23+ matches against the iPhone 14 Plus.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus vs. iPhone 14 Plus: Design and display

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The Violet Samsung Galaxy S23+ held in hand

(Image credit: Michael Hicks / Android Central)

Ever since the Galaxy S22 series, Samsung has redesigned its S phones to look remarkably close to the classic iPhone look, complete with the flat glass back and flat, angular edges. The Galaxy S22 Plus first applied this design, and now both the Galaxy S23 and S23+ have continued the new tradition.