Sony increases PlayStation Plus pricing for the annual plan

The PlayStation Plus Extra tier now costs $135 instead of $100. With this tier, you get everything included in PlayStation Plus Essential as well as access to a catalog of hundreds of PS4 and PS5 titles.

Finally, the PlayStation Plus Premium tier now costs $160 instead of $120. This was the tier that also got you access to even more titles than are available in the Extra tier, including PS3, PS2, PS One, and PSP titles, which can be played over the cloud.

The change in price will reflect to existing members whenever their plan renews next and immediately to those subscribing now or making any changes to their current plan. The price hike is supposed to happen globally although some regions are still showing the older pricing. The pricing for 1 and 3-month subscriptions will remain the same.



The PlayStation Plus service is available in three tiers. The basic PlayStation Plus Essential tier will now cost $80 instead of $60 for the yearly plan. With this tier, you continue getting access to two free monthly downloadable games as long as your membership is active, as well as access to online multiplayer gaming, cloud saves, and discounts on game purchases.

Sony increases PlayStation Plus pricing for the annual plan

Sony has announced that it is increasing the pricing for its PlayStation Plus subscription service globally for the yearly plans. The price hike goes live starting September 1.