Sony PS VR2 review: Worth the high price

Outside of early Oculus and HTC Vive adopters — and not counting VR-lite experiences like Google Cardboard — the PSVR brought virtual reality into the mainstream for plenty of gamers. I remember waiting two hours at NYCC to try a brief demo of Resident Evil 7 VR, it scaring the crap out of me despite the distractingly loud show floor, and getting hooked on VR from that point onwards.

In the 6+ years since the PSVR launch, Sony drew major developers in for their first attempts at VR and sold 5 million headsets. After its initial explosion of popularity, though, the PSVR’s first-gen hardware and finicky tracking limited what developers could do with the headset, and with just 30 PSVR games launched in 2020 (many of them Oculus ports), Sony could only watch as most of its users switched over to the wireless Oculus Quest 2 over the next couple of years.