The best Verizon deals, plans, and everything you need to know: January 2023

Whether you want to learn more about the world biggest wireless carrier or you’re simply on the hunt for the best Verizon deals, this page is your one-stop shop for all things Verizon. Below you’ll find a list of their current offers, plus we’ll break down all of Verizon’s most popular wireless plans so you get the information you need.  

As with all wireless carriers, Verizon will typically ask you to make some kind of change to your wireless service or trade in a used device before you can enjoy any savings. But if you’re able to meet their requirements, the wireless carrier will treat you like royalty. Free phones, massive discounts, and even subscriptions to streaming services await if you play your cards right, so keep reading to see what kind of offers are available to you. Keep an eye on the fine print as well. When Verizon says “free”, for example, they usually mean that — if you met the eligibility requirements — they’ll refund you the full cost of whatever item you received, typically over the course of 36 months. 

Without further ado, let’s move onto the best deals of the month. If nothing works out today, fear not: we update this list on a regular basis. 

Free phones from Verizon

Verizon deals

Verizon plans

Of course, all of the deals above won’t matter much if you’re not a Verizon member. If you’re thinking about switching to the world’s biggest wireless carrier, you may be asking yourself which Verizon plan is the best? Well, that’s no easy answer, but we’re here to tell you everything you need to know. 

Suffice to say, every cell phone user is different, and finding the perfect plan for you is going to involve looking at a number of factors, such as budget, data usage, and your own personal checklist of must-have features. That being said, we’re here to break down all of Verizon’s best options and give you the tools needed to choose the perfect wireless plan for your needs. 

Start by thinking about how you use your smartphone. Do you love streaming movies and TV shows? Are you a heavy mobile gamer? Or do you just want something simple and affordable that’ll let you make calls and check your email? No matter how you plan to use your wireless service, keep reading to find everything you need to know about Verizon’s most popular plans. 

The best Verizon cell phone plans

Disney Plus on mobile

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Play More Unlimited

5G total access

Unlimited talk, text, and data

50GB premium data

25GB mobile hotspot (5G Nationwide/4G LTE)

Includes entertainment perks

HD streaming

Pricey for an entire family

International features are limited

Taxes and fees aren’t included

Verizon’s Play More Unlimited plan is like the more expensive Get More Unlimited plan but at a slightly lower cost, making it the perfect Verizon plan. It’s a great option if you’re looking for a new 5G cell phone plan or even a family plan because the plan comes with a ton of entertainment perks along with HD streaming. For instance, you’ll get the Disney bundle, six months of Apple Music, and a free year of discovery+, Apple Arcade, and Google Play Pass.

With this plan, you’ll have all the high-speed data in the world, including 50GB of premium data, as well as access to Verizon’s 5G Ultra-Wideband and 5G Nationwide networks. Mobile hotspot access includes 15GB on Verizon’s 5G Nationwide or 4G LTE network, which is a solid amount of hotspot data to last you through the month.

Play More Unlimited also has international benefits, including unlimited Mexico and Canada talk, text, data, and international texting. For one line on this plan, you can expect to pay $80 per month (assuming you’ve signed up for paper-free billing and AutoPay). For three lines, you’ll pay $55 per line ($165 total), and for four lines, you’ll pay $45 per line ($180).

Despite multi-line discounts, you’ll still pay quite the sum if everyone in your family gets this plan. Thankfully with Verizon, you can mix and match plans, so everyone gets what they need, and there’s also a Just Kids plan that’ll cost you a maximum of $50 per month as long as you have one line on an Unlimited plan. The good news is that the more lines you add, the cheaper the plan gets. Parents will be grateful to manage screen time, filter content, track location, and get unlimited data (capped at 5Mbps) for their kids.

Screenshot of Verizon plans

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Get More Unlimited

5G total access

Unlimited premium network access

50GB mobile hotspot (5G Nationwide)

Entertainment perks

HD streaming


International features are limited

Taxes and fees aren’t included

If you’re looking for the most premium plan Verizon has to offer, look no further than Get More Unlimited. The number of impressive features this plan includes can almost feel overwhelming, but you won’t be left wishing for more when you experience Verizon’s ultimate performance. With this plan, you’ll get total access to Verizon’s 5G network, including 5G Ultra Wideband (available in select cities) and its broader 5G Nationwide network. Along with unlimited talk, text, and data, you’ll have 50GB of premium data, meaning that you likely won’t see your data speeds slow down anytime soon.

This plan includes a generous 30GB of high-speed mobile hotspot data on Verizon’s 5G Nationwide and 4G LTE network (the most of any plan), allowing you to use your smartphone as a hotspot and work or be entertained even when WiFi isn’t an option. But once you’ve reached 30GB, data speeds will slow to 600Kbps for the remainder of the month.

When it comes to international features, Verizon includes unlimited texting from the U.S. to 200+ countries. You’re also able to talk, text, and use unlimited data when traveling in Mexico and Canada, but if you plan on going anywhere else, you’ll need to buy a TravelPass to be able to use your phone. Where this plan’s perks really shine, though, is when it comes to entertainment. Verizon’s Get More Unlimited plan comes with HD streaming, and to go along with that, a subscription to the Disney bundle (Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+) that everyone on your account can use. You’ll also get Apple Music included along with a free year of discovery+, Apple Arcade, and Google Play Pass. Top that off with 600GB of Verizon Cloud storage and discounts on other connected device plans.

The main drawback of this plan is its price, which is higher than what you would get from T-Mobile or AT&T’s top plans. For one line with Get More Unlimited, your monthly bill will be $90, and that includes a $10 per month AutoPay and paper-free billing discount. For three lines, you’ll pay $65 per line ($195 total), and for four lines, you’ll pay $55 per line ($220 total). Though there’s a multi-line discount, it’s not a plan that everyone needs. But if you’re someone who consumes data like water, watches a lot of high-quality videos, frequently uses their smartphone as a hotspot, and wants the very best coverage, then you just can’t find a better plan with Verizon.

Visible smile logo on phone

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Verizon’s 4G LTE and 5G coverage


Unlimited data, calling, texting, and hotspot

No contracts or hidden fees

Mobile hotspot speed capped at 5Mbps

SD streaming

Limited international features

Customer service only online

Data slowed in times of congestion

Not interested in signing a contract and eager to avoid hidden fees? Verizon-owned Visible is one of the best options for simplicity and value. For only $30 a month, you’ll get Verizon’s 5G and 4G LTE coverage, as well as unlimited data, calling, and texting. It’s a fantastic offer at an almost unbeatable price. Visible’s plan even throws in unlimited mobile hotspot data, which is extremely convenient if you like to use your smartphone as a hotspot when WiFi is shaky, or you’re not at home. Though hotspot speeds are capped at 5Mbps, you should be able to stream SD videos, listen to music, and do your regular browsing.

Unfortunately, Visible recently got rid of their popular, budget-friendly Party Pay plan, but made up for it by slashing $10 off their so-called “Basic” plan (which we described above). They also added a new plan called “Visible Plus”, which offers 5G Ultra Wideband and international calling and texting in over 30 countries. If you’re not satisfied with these changes, Visible still lets you cancel at any time. It’s that simple.


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Single Basic Phone

Very affordable

500MB of data

Unlimited talk and text

Unlimited international messaging

Price doesn’t include taxes and fees

Not enough data for most people

Limited perks

Verizon’s Single Basic Phone plan is as basic as can be. If you’re someone who relies on WiFi most of the time and rarely uses data, then this plan is worth considering. For only $30 per month, it’s extremely affordable, and you’ll get 500MB of data along with unlimited talk and text as well as unlimited international messaging from the U.S. However, taxes and fees aren’t included, so sadly, your monthly bill will be more than $30.

If you happen to use more than 500MB of data in a month, you’ll be charged an extra $5 for every additional 500MB you use. It’s a great plan for someone who only uses their data to shoot a few WhatsApp messages or Google something. But if you like to stream YouTube videos during your morning commute, this is absolutely not the plan for you. You’re better off going with Verizon’s Visible, which offers unlimited data for just $10 more.

Verizon coverage map screenshot

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Prepaid Unlimited Plus

5G total access

Loyalty and AutoPay discounts

Unlimited mobile hotspot (5G Ultra Wideband)

10GB mobile hotspot data (5G Nationwide and 4G LTE)

International perks

No multi-line discounts

No entertainment perks

Doesn’t include premium data

If you prefer to go prepaid, then Verizon’s Prepaid Unlimited plan is the best one to get. You’ll get 5G total access (5G Ultra-Wideband and 5G Nationwide), unlimited calling and texting, as well as discounts to help bring the price down—including a loyalty discount of $5 per month that kicks in after three months of service (and increases after nine) and an AutoPay discount of $10 per month. It’s an especially great plan if you’re in a 5G Ultra Wideband coverage area since you’ll be able to stream in 4K UHD, and you’ll get unlimited 5G Ultra Wideband mobile hotspot data—yes, that’s right, unlimited.

When you’re not in a 5G Ultra Wideband coverage area, you’ll still get 10GB of mobile hotspot data on Verizon’s 5G Nationwide and 4G LTE networks. After you’ve used up that amount, speeds will slow to 600Kbps for the rest of the month. You’ll also get SD streaming, and when it comes to international use, you’ll have unlimited calls, texts, and data when traveling in Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, as well as unlimited text to 200 international destinations.

Prepaid phone plans let you save some money, but luckily you’ll have the same Verizon coverage as everyone else who’s paying more. For one line on this plan, you can expect to pay $70 per month (including the AutoPay discount), and the price will continue dropping until it reaches $60 per month (after 10-plus months) and includes all discounts.

Verizon logo in warehouse

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Start Unlimited

Affordable price

5G Nationwide and 4G LTE unlimited data, talk, and text

International benefits

Entertainment perks

Multi-line discounts

5G Ultra Wideband is $10 extra

SD video streaming

No premium data

Not sure where to start when it comes to cell phone plans? Start Unlimited. This is one of Verizon’s most straightforward unlimited plans. It may not come with premium data but will give you everything that you need. This means 5G Nationwide and 4G LTE unlimited data, text, and talk. If you want access to 5G Ultra-Wideband (Verizon’s fastest 5G network), you can pay $10 extra per month, but most people will be happy with what the plan already offers. You’ll get a lot of the same features with this plan as you would with other core Verizon plans, making it a perfect choice for someone who really just wants unlimited data at a better price.

With Start Unlimited, you’ll still get international benefits, including talk, text, and data in Mexico and Canada and international texting. You’ll even get many entertainment perks that Verizon’s more expensive plans offer, such as six months for free with Disney+, Apple Music, discovery+, Apple Arcade, and Google Play Pass. Unfortunately, this plan will only allow you to stream in SD, so you’ll have to upgrade if HD streaming is a dealbreaker. What you also won’t get with this plan is mobile hotspot access, but if you’re someone who never relies on their hotspot in the first place, then this won’t be an issue. However, if this bums you out a little, you should consider upgrading to one of the higher-tier plans.

At the end of the day, Verizon’s Start Unlimited plan comes at a more affordable price than other Verizon plans. For a single line, you’ll pay $70 per month (after the paper-free billing and AutoPay discount) plus taxes and fees. The price gets better when you add more lines; for three lines, you’ll pay $45 per line ($135 total), and for four lines, you’ll pay $35 per line ($140 total). The monthly cost drops down to as low as $30 per month, which is a pretty great deal when you think about it. It’s a fantastic plan to consider if you can get over not having access to Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband network or premium data as well as unlimited mobile hotspot and HD streaming.

So which Verizon plan is best for you?

Though Verizon offers excellent coverage to a lot of Americans, don’t forget to check out its coverage map (opens in new tab) before signing up. If you decide Verizon is the carrier for you, the Play More Unlimited plan is the best choice for most people. It’s not the most expensive plan (nor is it the cheapest), but it offers everything that you need out of a cell phone plan and more. With Play More Unlimited, you’ll have 5G total access (aka the best speeds you can get), as well as 50GB of premium data, so you’re guaranteed not to be slowed down. Along with unlimited data, text, and talk, and international features, you’ll get the Disney+ bundle and several other perks to try out.

If you’re looking for a plan with a better price, then Visible stands out amongst the crowd. This all-digital carrier is owned by Verizon, so you’ll have the same great coverage (that includes 5G), along with unlimited data, text, and talk for only $30 per month. The best part is that there are no contracts or hidden costs or fees as you’ll find with other carriers. Whichever plan you get, you’ll be with one of the nation’s best wireless carriers and can count on reliable performance.

Even considering all of these deals and researching all of these plans, you might not be sold on Verizon. It’s important to have all of the information when you switch carriers, so why not take a look at our list of the best cell phone plans so you can make sure you find one that’s right for you.