VR news of the week: Quest 3 leaks, Google XR in disarray, and Pico pivots

VR news of the week

As part of a brand new series, Android Central Senior Editors Michael Hicks and Nick Sutrich are rounding up all of the news on hardware, game announcements, leaks, and cool updates related to the Meta Quest 3, Oculus Quest 2, and other VR headsets. 

Excitement for the Meta Quest 3 is ramping up. This week alone, a Quest 3 unit leaked outside of Meta’s offices and a retailer accidentally spoiled the potential October launch date for the headset. With Meta Connect 2023 just a month away, we’re sure to see more leaks pop up soon.

Beyond that, Gamescom showed us plenty of upcoming Quest 2 game releases, our favorite VR puzzle series’ third entry launched, Pico decided to copy Apple instead of Meta, and a Business Insider report proved that the next Google Glass is still years away, if it ever comes. 

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